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Statement: Beyond the Platform

The initial impetus for photographing at night on subway platforms was the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. It led to the series, Beyond The Platform and has eventually developed into the exploration of connected themes.

I have always been captivated by the travel allure of trains and, to me, subways are their urban equivalent. I only shoot on above-ground platforms because showing the close proximity of the subway platform to the surrounding community suggests a powerful theme that I feel compelled to explore - - that of machinery vs. humanity.

Acting as photographic architect, I combine imagery to create new realities; sometimes merging simultaneous moments into one. This echoes the concepts of construction and de-construction from which the work first originated. Initially, my work consisted of multiple scenes combined together but it has evolved to include grid-like arrangements and single images as well.

I travel to different cities throughout the world in order to explore the relationships specific to those particular transit systems and the communities in which they reside. I stay where I can find inexpensive or free lodging through a network of friends, colleagues and relatives. I stayed with my brother for three and a half weeks in Shanghai, China to add to this series and that was an amazing experience. So far, I have photographed in Atlanta, Boston, California, Chicago, London and New York City for the series.